Adoption and Children Act 2002 

The Adoption and Children Act modernises the whole existing legal framework for domestic and inter-country adoption.

It also introduces a new legal order, Special Guardianship, which offers legal permanence for children for whom adoption is not suitable.

Perhaps one of the most important changes the act brings is that we are now required to consider the lifelong implications of adoption in both our planning for children and in our responsibility to consider the adoption support needs for children and their families. This brings the legislation in line with some of the good practice Bradford has been developing over the years.

Children’s Social Care has been developing a range of policy and procedures that reflect the changes in practice brought about by new legislation. These appear within the web based Children’s Procedure e-Manual.

The purpose of this site is to provide access to the latest Adoption and Children Act procedure, guidance and supporting documentation. That has yet to be incorporated into the Children’s procedure e-Manual.