Financial support for adopters

There is no charge for the assessment process and the placement of a child where families want to adopt a child from the UK.

There are four categories of financial support which we will consider when a child is going to be placed with you:

  1. Some adopters may be entitled to a settling in grant to help with expenses when the child comes to live with them. This will be based on the individual child’s needs and the adopter’s own circumstances.
  2. All adopters receive help with legal fees of £183 to pay for their court fees. If you require legal representation, we will support you with this. 
  3. Dependent on specific circumstances, adopters may receive payments following an assessment of the child’s needs and the family’s circumstances. There may be a single one-off payment for a specific time limited period. 
  4. Child benefit and Working Tax Credit. Depending on your personal financial circumstances, you and your family may be entitled to governmental support. Please visit the HM Revenue & Customs website for further information:

Any questions you may have about financial support can be discussed with an adoption team member.

Financial support can vary if the child has complex health needs and will be individually assessed.