Looking after children and young people


Sometimes it is not possible for children to stay with their birth family. They need to have a safe home. The child will stay with foster carers in their home for as long as needed.

A child will be looked after like in any other family. As well as being helping in education and medical appointments an experienced social worker will be there to support the child and foster family. (needs link to fostering web page)

Support for young people leaving care

Our Leaving Carer Service can help look after children and young people get ready for independence and provide support once they have left care. Find out more about the Bradford Care Leavers Local Offer.

Children’s homes

Groups of children and young people sometimes live in a large house together looked after by a team of professional care staff.

As they might not have been able to before, they can now grow up in a safe and supportive place where all of their needs are met.

Every child in the home will have a care plan. The plan is a guide for both the children and their carers so everyone understands why the child is there, what should happen while in the children’s home and how long they should be there.

After their stay in the home some children go home, some go to live with other families and some go to other children’s homes.

Carers in the children’s home will help older children who are not planning to return home prepare for living on their own.

Whilst staying at the children’s home, children will still go to school, can see friends and family and do any other activities as normal and if they need any special help Bradford has services in place to support them.