Children who foster: Adam’s story

Meet Adam, a child who fosters

It isn’t only adults who foster for Bradford – when you bring a foster child into your family home, your children will become part of a growing community of children who foster.

Who are children who foster?

We use the phrase ‘children who foster’ to describe the children of foster carers. This doesn’t just have to be biological children – it can also include adopted children, grandchildren and other young people who spend a lot of time with an adult foster carer.

We spoke to Adam about his experience being a child who fosters.

Being part of a fostering family

Adam is part of a fostering family alongside his younger sister. Every child is different which means they play a unique role in welcoming foster children and helping them feel at ease.

During a foster placement, Adam told us about one boy who was struggling to adjust to his new foster home. “I talked to the boy about the World Cup. He didn’t cry then but he cried later on”.

Adam told us:

“I’m more independent so don’t get as involved as my younger sister, but nothing really upsets me about the kids – I just treat them as normal kids. Don’t be scared. Try and make them happy”.

Are there any challenges to being a child who fosters?

“Yesterday, we had these two children come to us and they were really, really upset and crying and they wanted to go home to their mum, it made me cry too. I told her it’d be okay and I gave her a hug”.

Being a child who fosters can be both a rewarding and challenging role, in many cases foster carers’ own children may form a bond with foster children.

It’s important that your child is prepared for the possibility that your foster child may not live with your family permanently, especially when fostering children and young people on a short-term basis.

“It makes you grateful for what you’ve got”.

Would you like to learn more about fostering?

If you would like any advice about how to talk to your child about foster care, or wish to learn more about fostering in Bradford, please get in touch with our friendly team. We’d be happy to discuss your options with you.