Children who foster: Lucy’s story

Lucy, aged 14, lives with her parents, who have been long term foster carers who started fostering before Lucy was born.

Read about her experience as a child who fosters.

Who are children who foster?

We use the phrase ‘children who foster’ to describe the children of foster carers. This doesn’t just have to be biological children – it can also include adopted children, grandchildren and other young people who spend a lot of time with an adult foster carer.

“We decide together who to foster”.

Fostering as a family

Choosing to foster is a decision that affects the whole family; that’s why it’s important to involve every member in the discussion and process of becoming a foster family.

During a family assessment, a Social Worker will spend some time getting to know each child to gain an understanding of how fostering may affect them. We encourage children to speak openly and write down any concerns and questions they may have.

At Bradford Fostering, we want to ensure our foster carers have access to all the training and support they need to help them be the best carers they can be, this also extends to children who foster.

Children of foster carers are invited to attend a fostering preparation session in which our team will provide more information about their role as a child who fosters.

Are there any difficult parts of being a child who fosters?

As with any household, family life can sometimes pose challenges. As a child who fosters, we asked Lucy if there were any downsides to her role:

“The rules can be irritating, such as having to wait a long time to see about sleepovers and things.”

“The children usually push boundaries, but they settle down.”

Making time for children who foster

One of the main concerns many children who foster have is sharing their parents with foster children.

Lucy said: “Fostering takes up a lot of time with meetings and parents having to go to training” but she told us that “her parents are good at sharing their time with me and the foster children”.

Would you like to learn more about fostering?

If you would like any advice about talking to your child about foster care or wish to learn more about fostering in Bradford, please get in touch with our friendly team.