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Want to help young people in your local area?

Foster for Bradford only looks after children and young people from the Bradford district. We are never-for-profit and you will help keep local resources focused on supporting children in care.

Transfer to us for local support, competitive allowances, retainer placement fees and generous annual leave allowances.

Bradford district

Join our vibrant, supportive fostering community

You’re never alone as a foster carer in Bradford. Our active fostering community is here for you to share experiences, ask questions, and get any support and advice you might need.

The Mockingbird Family Model of Care is growing in Bradford and we need experienced foster carers to get involved.

Here at Foster for Bradford, we run 7 different regular support groups for all the different areas of fostering, including a new carers group, and a buddy scheme for new carers and transfers.

We also run regular events to connect you with other foster carers from our fostering network, helping you form valuable support links in your local area.

Our large and active foster carers’ association (BIFCA) also offers a huge amount of support, advice, coffee mornings across the district and a wide range of social activities for carers.

We are very proud of the peer support offered by our hugely diverse, friendly and active fostering community. Within these groups you can share experiences, ask questions, and get any support and advice you might need.

Competitive rates and allowances

Experienced foster carers could start at level 2 or higher, receive a skills fee and an allowance for each child you care for every 2 weeks in arrears, helping you plan your future finances.​

Part-time foster carers are also paid a fostering fee and an allowance for each child they look after. These are paid in arrears as a daily payment for each fostering session.

Hassle free transfer process

Our friendly team is experienced in transferring carers just like you. We have a comprehensive system in place to make your transfer as smooth as possible.

You may have to undergo a new fostering assessment. As an existing carer, it is likely to be far quicker and easier than your original assessment. If you were approved less than 2 years ago, we may be able to purchase the record of your assessment from your assessing agency.

Start as a Level 3 carer

Depending on your skills, experience, age range and complexity of the children you have looked after, you may be able to start as a Level 3 carer – our highest paid skill level for carers.

Local support and training

Our supervising social work team and the children’s social workers are based in the Bradford district and so will be local to you.

Training is delivered either locally or online, so you won’t have to travel far.


“We feel just as valued and respected as every other fostering family working with Foster for Bradford.”

Steven and Dean, foster carers
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