Specialist foster care

There are some children who have complex health needs or disabilities who require specialist care.

Specialist foster carers receive specific training and support and we are always looking for foster families who can provide specialist care either full-time or part-time.

Young parent and child care

Parent and child fostering is a specialist type of fostering. A young parent and their child will stay with you at a time when they need extra support.

This type of fostering helps the parent learn about parenthood with additional support in a secure and safe environment.

The parent and child will live with you for up to 12 weeks (sometimes longer) and during this time, you will offer mentoring, practical and emotional support and advice to help them prepare for independence. You’ll also be expected to contribute to the assessment of the parent and their ability to care for their child.

You will need experience or knowledge of good parenting to nurture young parents with the skills, support and confidence they need to help them continue to care for their babies or small children.

Emergency care

If we need to place a child in emergency foster care outside traditional office hours, emergency carers are available to support young people until we can fully assess their situation and plan for the future.

Emergency foster carers work on a rota and cover at least one weekend a month.

​​Emergency carers play an important part in making children feel safe and secure at what is likely to be a very stressful and difficult time for them. All placements are risk-assessed before placement.

PACE care

Police and Criminal Evidence Act (PACE) carers are the difference between a child spending the night in a prison cell or in a caring, comfortable home.

PACE carers work on a rota and provide emergency out-of-office-hours/overnight care to a young person aged between 10 and 17, who has been arrested, before they attend court the following day. All placements are risk-assessed by the Police and by Children’s Social Care before the young person is brought to your home.

You will need to have personal or professional experience of working with young people who have presented challenging behaviour.

Want to know more?

If you’re unsure what type of fostering would suit you best, we will be happy to talk through the options with you.

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