Next steps and turning 21

As you approach your 21st birthday, your personal adviser will talk to you about whether you feel you would need and benefit from support from your Leaving Care Service beyond your birthday.

Your Pathway Plan may continue and might look at certain things that are important for you or might cover all areas. You are entitled to a named personal adviser up to your 25th birthday if you still need support from the service.

If you decide that you do not want support after your 21st birthday, but later change your mind or find that you are struggling, you can simply contact the service where we can support in assessing your needs and if appropriate restarting your Pathway Plan.

Our guarantees

If you are still being supported by the service and decided to wait to take up driving lessons, we will continue to offer financial assistance up to £250.

You will continue to be exempt from Council Tax up to your 25th birthday regardless of whether you still need a Leaving Care Service.