Youth justice services, probation and prison

If you find yourself in trouble you may need to work with the Youth Justice Service or Probation Service.

We can help you by working with these organisations to make sure you are supported. There are dedicated workers who understand what it is to be looked after or a care leaver and can offer support accordingly (we will ask your consent).

If you have been remanded or are under sentence in prison

Wherever possible we will work with you to make sure your custody officers know you are a care leaver. While they can’t make concessions to your stay they will keep an extra eye on you to make sure you are ok. They will make sure your personal adviser gets to visit on a family visit as opposed to a legal visit and we will make sure we work with you and your offender manager to make sure you get what you need inside to support your development and that you have a well-planned discharge where all your needs are met when you leave custody.

We will write to you between visits.

If you haven’t already, we will assist you to make a Bradford Homes application and request your Priority 1 Status is applied and if appropriate make referrals for Intensive Housing Management (IHM) support.

If you leave custody after your 25th birthday and still have remaining Setting Up Home Allowance; we will save this for you to access on your release.